Monday, February 22, 2010

Overheard from my house

I keep telling my husband that I am going to blog about some of the things he says to me. It's funny to me that he says go ahead but I am never one to allow anyone to think less of him. So the things I write that come from his lips are with his approval. Same with my boys. So here are some of the funnier things my guys have said of late.
While sitting in Starbucks, my hubby noticed the cashier and barristas were all crabby and moody. He came to our table and said they must all be PMSing! I asked why he thought that and his response was "well they are all in a bad mood and now they are discussing chocolate"! was funny at the time.
Yesterday I was putting on my makeup, I don't wear more than eye shadow, eyeliner and blush but my son noticed I was putting on eye shadow and he said "You wear make-up?". I said "yes". Next he said "Oh I thought you were just naturally beautiful". Wow....did I mention he is 13? I love my guys.


TheOneTrueSue said...

I hope my son is that sweet to me when he's 13 :>

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