Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Baby toy

I had a request for a baby toy. One that crinkled, had tags and ribbons and was absorbent for a drooling baby. This is what I made!

Reverse side

Notice the baby name? I used my fancy stitching settings on my machine.
I know it's small and basic but it's ok, I don't need more than that. But having his name on this will make it easy when it gets left behind some place.
I used the very easy instructions from Joy's Hope in this post. This is one of those 1 hour or less projects that really are one hour or less.


nima said...

wow...awesome...i love it..

Julie @ Joy's Hope said...

fun ribbons, fun colors and I especially love how you attached a toy. brilliant!

thanks for linking me also.

happy day to you!

Kim said...

This is just darling! Did the customer (baby) like it?! Oh, you asked for pillow & tote instructions. The pillows are currently on my blog one called Friend Day and Tutorials, the other Seeing Spots.

Michelle @ In Sew Motion said...

Kim, I have not given the toy to the baby yet. I will see them Sunday. I also need more plastic for the crinkle noises so I can make more. I need to get those wipe bags from the mommies.

Amanda said...

Happy Saturday Sharefest! I stopped by from SITS and this one caught my eye. I really respect people who can sew. Every year I watch project runway and think....i wish I could do that! This is a precious craft! Great job!

Unknown Mami said...

That's great! I'm sure my daughter would have loved it.

Thank you for stopping by on my SITs day and making me feel so special.

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